Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2ND EXCERPT: If The Seas Catch Fire

You didn't think I'd only taunt you with ONE excerpt, did you? Oh, no. Never.

So, here's chapter 2 of If The Seas Catch Fire. The book is available for pre-order, and releases January 3rd.

Chapter 2

Every step Dom took was agony. Thank God this kid had intervened when he did. Left to their own devices, Floresta and Mandanici may or may not have killed him, but they sure would’ve done some more damage.

Clutching his side and holding his breath, Dom stole a glance at the slight blond enigma walking beside him. He didn’t know what to make of this kid. Not a fucking clue. He had to be around twenty-five, give or take a year, and judging by his accent, he must’ve been a Russian immigrant. There were a lot of those in Cape Swan. The way he was dressed—tight red leather and not a lot of it—he was either a stripper or a hooker. Nobody in this town dressed like that unless they were selling orgasms.

He obviously wasn’t a pussy. There was no telling what he’d done to Mandanici and Floresta. Dom had been on the verge of blacking out when the kid had shown up, and he’d only just been aware of the shot that had apparently hobbled Mandanici. Then Floresta had knocked Dom to the ground, and everything that happened after that was hazy at best. Next thing he remembered, he was being guided out of the car and onto his feet, and why the fuck were they down by the marina?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

EXCERPT: If The Seas Catch Fire

We're getting close! Just over two weeks, and If The Seas Catch Fire will be available! So I thought I'd give you all a little teaser.

Well, not a little teaser. More like the entire 4,000+ word first chapter. But considering the size of the book (120,000 words), it's relatively little. Next week, I'll post chapter 2.

Chapter 1

Sergei Andronikov hadn’t been in the guy’s lap thirty seconds, and there was already a hand on his ass.

Carefully schooling his expression—keeping the irritation well beneath the surface—Sergei batted the asshole’s hand away. This was Sergei’s fourth or fifth client of the night, and he was one of those middle-aged financial types. The kind who’d been behind a desk in a bank long enough to think he was God. Sergei hated those fucks.

But he was getting paid, so he writhed and undulated on the banker’s lap, sharing it with a sizeable paunch. And after a few beats, the hand was back, this time coming up off the armrest to caress Sergei’s hip. Before it could inch toward his ass—these fuckers were so goddamned predictable—Sergei again pushed it away, adding a playful, “No touching. That’s the rule.”

The banker grinned, revealing teeth that were flawless aside from the misfortune of being in this man’s head. “I’m paying you good money.” He placed a defiant hand firmly on Sergei’s leather-clad hip. “I’d say the rules are negotiable.”

“Actually.” Sergei dropped the playfulness as he grabbed the man’s wrist and shoved his hand away. “They’re not.”

Do it again, and you’ll be swallowing those pretty teeth.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Audio, audio, audio!

For the last few months, I've had some books in the process of being recorded, and they are now available in audio!

Also, in early 2016, look for The Best Man, Where There's Smoke, Light Switch, and the Cover Me trilogy!

L.A. Witt's books in audio:

narrated by Jason Winters


narrated by Charlie David

narrated by Ron Herczig


narrated by Michael Giorgio

 Lauren Gallagher's books in audio:

narrated by Mary Rogers

narrated by Jack O'Keefe

narrated by Terri England

narrated by Heather Jane Hogan

Monday, December 14, 2015

2 New Releases and 2 Pre-Orders

I decided to put all of these titles into one post so the promo isn't too crazy this week -- the joys of back to back releases!

First, the new releases!

Stuck Landing, my second lesbian novel and the first lesbian Bluewater Bay book, is available December 14th from Riptide Publishing. 

For months, acclaimed Wolf’s Landing director/producer Anna Maxwell has been nursing a crush on Natalya Izmaylova, a former Russian gymnast and current Wolf’s Landing stunt coordinator. When Anna witnesses Natalya’s very public breakup with her boyfriend, she can’t resist inviting her over for drinks to commiserate about love and all that nonsense. Commiseration doesn’t last long, and soon Anna’s in bed with the hottest woman she’s ever touched, living out fantasies she didn’t even know she had.

Despite the amazing sex, Anna wants to proceed with caution. They’re both newly single. They’re colleagues. And there’s the not-so-small matter of Anna’s biphobia.

Natalya won’t commit to someone who clings to ridiculous stereotypes, but they can’t avoid each other at work, and there’s no ignoring their chemistry. Anna’s defenses are slowly eroding, and Natalya is willing to give her another chance. But Natalya only has so much patience, and even scorching-hot sex won’t keep her coming back forever. If Anna doesn’t come to her senses soon and let go of her prejudices—not to mention her insecurities—she’s going to lose the woman of her dreams.

Bluewater Bay stories can be read in any order — jump in wherever you'd like!
Not Safe For Work, a kinky gay office romance, is available December 15th from Samhain Publishing. 

They’re a match made in the dungeon…until their secret gets out.

Bored senseless in a meeting, architectural modeler Jon McNeill amuses himself with a kinky dating app on his phone. Then the app matches him with another user…who’s six feet away. Suddenly Jon finds himself on the same page as someone way above his pay grade: millionaire property developer Rick Pierce. His firm’s biggest—and hottest—client.

The app isn’t kidding either. They’re a perfect match. Jon’s a Dom, Rick’s a sub, and bondage is their thing. Both guys are well into their forties, know their way around the bedroom, and definitely appreciate a good suit. And the best part? They’re a match outside the bedroom too.

But office relationships aren’t easy to keep a secret. When the truth comes out, Jon is certain he’s about to get fired. Instead, his bosses throw him a curve ball—an ultimatum that puts both his job and his relationship in jeopardy.

Warning: Contains literal and figurative sex machines, blindfolds, a sub being punished during a business meeting, enough rope to tangle up a millionaire, and a Golden Girls marathon.
 Also, I have two titles that have recently gone up for pre-order:

The Best Laid Plans, a bisexual menage, will be available February 16 from Samhain Publishing.

 It’s a foolproof strategy...until the emotional balance shifts.

After yet another adoption falls through, Gabe is ready to give up, and Shahid isn’t far behind him. Apparently, being a gay couple—half of which is Muslim—is just one strike too many for the powers that be.

When their friend Kendra offers to carry their baby for them, both men balk at first, but gradually warm to the idea. Especially Gabe, whose bisexuality is open to the chemistry among the three of them.

The plan seems simple. Kendra and Gabe, foregoing the cold, impersonal IVF clinic, paperwork and red tape, will conceive the old-fashioned way. They’ll all share parenting responsibilities, and live happily baby after.

But as the heat flares between Gabe and Kendra, Shahid’s long-suppressed insecurities bubble to the surface. Then some unexpected news catches the trio off guard and derails their plans—and now one heart could be left out in the cold.

Warning: Authors subsist on the tears of readers. Please recycle your hankies by wringing out and reusing. We’d hate to be the cause of a worldwide shortage of Kleenex.

And finally, If The Seas Catch Fire, an erotic suspense novel involving modern day Mafia, will be available January 3. 

Sergei Andronikov was a child when the Mafia wiped out his family, leaving him with nothing but a hunger for revenge. Years later, through ruthless strategy and tireless patience, he’s a contract killer working for the three families ruling Cape Swan… and he’s nearly in position to bring them all down from the inside.

Domenico “Dom” Maisano is Mafia royalty, a made man… and a hitman. He’s caught up in a violent life he can’t escape, struggling to maintain an image he doesn’t want, and suppressing desires he can’t have.

A chance encounter throws the killers into each other’s paths. Though Dom knows he’s playing a dangerous game, he’s intrigued and keeps coming back. Sergei can’t resist him either—Dom is everything he set out to destroy, but he’s also everything he’s ever ached for in a man.

Then Sergei gets the contract he’s been waiting for—the hit that promises to bring the town’s Mafia to its knees.

But when a boss makes an unexpected move, Sergei must choose between dropping the hammer on the families he vowed to annihilate, and protecting the man he swore he wouldn’t love.

And the wrong choice—or even the right one—will destroy them both.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Fact or Crap - winners and answers!

First, thank you to everyone who played Fact or Crap to help celebrate my 6-year author birthday!

And now, the answers....

  1.       Though my career started in 2009, I didn't attend a convention or meet any other authors until 2012 because I had been living overseas. (for clarification: I started writing full-time in 2008, was published in 2009 - this part of the fact is not crap) (FACT - I lived on Okinawa until the end of 2011, and attended my first con -- RT -- in 2012)
  2.      Many of my books are set in my hometown, Seattle, but I haven't lived there since 2003. (for clarification: I just realized Facebook says I lived in Redmond, WA, in 2014 - I was staying there temporarily while moving to Spain, and changed my location so friends/family knew I was in town.) (FACT - Though we've stayed with my parents for short periods while transitioning between duty stations, my husband and I left Washington at the end of 2003.)
  3.      Prior to becoming an author, I sold jewelry, worked as a pro photographer, ran a medical equipment repair shop, and edited porn. (FACT - Yes. Even the one about editing porn.)
  4.         Wilde's, the club at heart of the Distance Between Us/Wilde's series, is based on a real night club in Seattle. (CRAP - Wilde's is 100% fiction.)
  5.       The Distance Between Us, Rules of Engagement, and The Given & The Taken were meant to be standalones, but ended up with sequels. (FACT - Rules and Distance were not meant to have sequels, but after they were published, I realized they needed them. Given was intended to be a standalone, but a beta reader caused me to change the ending, which triggered two more books. THANKS AMY LANE.)
  6.       With Aleksandr Voinov's permission and guidance, I am writing a sequel to his Dark Soul series.  (FACT - I've been slowly working on it since 2013, and hope to release it in 2016.)
  7.        I have written two novels that contain no on-screen sex - The Left Hand of Calvus and Lead Me Not(FACT - No sex scenes in either book.)
  8.       Link and Zelda, the quirky Maine Coon cats from the Bluewater Bay series, are based on my own cats, Midget and Fluffy. (CRAP - Fluffy didn't join our family until mid-2015, well after Link and Zelda made their first appearances.)
  9.       The first time I ever saw one of my books in a brick & mortar bookstore was at Foyle's in London, and the book was Covet Thy Neighbor(FACT - In fact, I actually walked right past it, but fortunately, Aleks saw it!)
  10.       I've started doing my own cover art, and made the covers for Wireless and Broken Blades. (FACT - I've done several of my covers, including those two titles.)
So there you have it! And now you  probably know more about me than you ever wanted to know. lol 

WINNERS!  I'll be e-mailing you all shortly, but if you have not received a message from me by the end of the day (Dec 7), please contact me. 

 Since only one person got both answers correct, I had to modify the prizes just a little. The winners and their prizes are:

Two correct answers (receiving 3 signed paperbacks + $25 Amazon gift card):

One correct answer, randomly drawn (receiving 2 signed paperbacks + $25 Amazon gift card):
Jennifer Richards

One correct answer (receiving 1 signed paperback):
Aimee Brissay
Jack Reyes
June Sheets
Avonna Campbell

I will be e-mailing everyone shortly - congrats, and thanks for playing!