Saturday, June 18, 2011

A HUGE Thank You and an Apology.

So I feel like a complete tool. I had every intention of putting this into With the Band's dedication, but I completely dropped the ball. 100% Authorfail.

As many of my readers know, there are some song lyrics in the book, those to the song (Un)Fading. The song is significant to the story and lyrics show up several times.

When I was writing With the Band, my good friend Lia Wolff was heavily involved as a beta reader. I frequently have people reading chapters as I write them, letting me bounce ideas off them, etc., but Lia took it a step farther.

I hadn't intended to include the song's lyrics in the book, mostly owing to the fact that I can't write a song to save my life. Seriously, I just can't.

In a moment of inspiration, though, Lia penned the lyrics to (Un)Fading. And with her permission, I used them.

And in a moment of colossal authorfail, I didn't acknowledge her in the book. So...

Lia, please accept my sincerest apologies
and my deepest gratitude
for creating the lyrics to (Un)Fading.
With the Band would not have been
the same without you.

And, because she adores him as much as I do and has been a completely gracious good sport about this whole thing, here is a picture of Shannon Leto just for Lia:
Thank you again, Lia.

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