Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cover Art: Static

More cover art today, this one for the book that is rivaling Reconstructing Meredith as being my pride and joy.


Damon Bryce is worried sick when he doesn’t hear from his girlfriend after she visits her estranged parents, but when he checks up on her, he’s in for the shock of his life: She’s a shifter, part of a small percentage of the population who can shift genders at will. Thanks to her parents, though, she’s been forcibly given an implant that leaves her static—unable to shift—and male.

Alex Nichols desperately wants the implant removed, but getting it out isn’t nearly as easy as putting it in. The surgery is expensive and dangerous. Left in, the implant carries its own set of risks, with the potential to cripple or even kill him. On top of that, he’s carefully kept his identity a secret from more people in his life than just Damon, and his parents aren’t the only ones appalled by shifters.

Stripped of half his identity and facing serious physical effects and social ramifications, Alex needs Damon more than ever, but he doesn’t see how their relationship can get through this unscathed.

Especially if Alex is a static male permanently.


This will be my first foray into the realms of urban fantasy. It's not nearly as dirty as my usual stuff, either. Keep an eye on my blogs for more info!

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  1. *claps wildly and whistles* I can't wait for its release! Fantastic!