Tuesday, April 5, 2011

REVIEW: Reconstructing Meredith

A couple of lovely reviews for Reconstructing Meredith!

First, The Pagan & The Pen gave it the "Reviewer Top Pick" rating, which was also given to Light Switch.
From the review:
"I’m not sure which two books I’m going to have to kick out of my top ten list in order to fit these [Light Switch & Reconstructing Meredith] in, but they’re up near the top."
The entire review is here.

And over at I Like Romantic Stuff, the reviewer had this to say:
"Two great main characters of Scott and Meredith with good side characters of Krissy and Matt. The story was brilliantly told from both sides and allowed us to really immerse ourselves in Scott and Meredith’s lives."
Definitely a great review day!

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