Saturday, May 21, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Another contribution to the Six Sentence Sunday shenanigans...

Just like last week, I'm contributing two snippets, one from each of my pseudonyms. For those not familiar with me, I write hetero erotic romance as Lauren Gallagher and M/M erotic romance as L. A. Witt.

And today, it's all about the vampires...

From Lauren Gallagher, a snippet from The Enemy of My Enemy, a vampire/zombie WIP:

He halted a few steps from the couple, the ends of his coat billowing around his legs like followers scurrying to kneel at his feet. The unforgiving overhead light picked out the lines in his face and dusting of grey at his temples, and his face raised goose bumps along the length of my spine.

His face was chiseled from pure fury. Sharp, angular jaw and cheekbones. Dark, brooding eyes. Lips ready to curl into a snarl or a blistering tirade, and shoulders set back with blows just waiting to be delivered.

And from L. A. Witt, another little sneaky peeky at The Given & The Taken, my recently completed vampire/werewolf novel:

Ian paced across the vomit-colored carpet of our hotel room, alternately folding his arms and slipping his hands into his pockets.

I felt for him. The entire crazy world of vampires and werewolves was still so new to him. Something he’d seen from the outside, heard about on the news whenever the two sides clashed, but never had to deal with head-on. I didn’t blame him for being at a loss for what to do and for being scared out of his mind. Especially in this unsettling situation, waiting in our second-floor hotel room like a couple of caged animals while Levi came closer, closer, closer.

Want to play along? It’s fun and easy!
1. pick a project – a current WIP, contracted work or even something readers can buy if you’re published
2. pick six sentences
3. post ‘em on Sunday


  1. I'm in the second floor hotel room...who is coming? Great six!

  2. *throws things at you*

    Biatch, you would go posting that snippet just to get a raise out of me. Well, it worked. I want. Now go write it before I steal him off you :P

  3. Excellent tension and descriptions!