Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ridiculously Easy Contest #3 - One Question. Two Winners.

I've got another new release coming up in the next few days, so it's time for another Ridiculously Easy Contest(tm)!

Want to win a free book? Of course you do. Who doesn't? And since I like things simple, we're going to keep this uber-simple. Answer a question, win a book. That's it.

HOW TO WIN: Leave a comment with an answer to the poll question.


THE PRIZE: Your choice of an electronic copy of Damaged Goods, my newest contemporary erotic romance from Loose Id, which comes out on June 14, or Static, a shapeshifter romance and my newest release from Amber Allure, which will be released on June 26 (note: if you choose Static, the electronic copy will be sent as soon as I have them in my possession, which will be on or very shortly before the release date).


If there are at least 15 legitimate, non-anonymous responses to the question, I will also draw a name for a signed paperback copy of your choice from my print backlist.

(note on anonymous posts: I don't mind anonymous settings, but there needs to be at least a name and method of contact in the text of the comment for it to count!)


How many licks does it take-- wait, sorry.

Okay, the real question:

Are you interested in reading Ménage stories?
If yes, are there any combinations you won't/prefer not to read?
(MFM, MMF*, MMM, FFF, FFM*, FMF etc)

See? Told you it was easy. Okay, so technically it's two questions, but...close enough.

* These can have different meanings, but for the sake of this discussion, MFM refers to two men focusing on a woman, MMF involves bisexual men...same deal with FFM and FMF.

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Winners will be randomly drawn and posted on June 16, 2011, and have 72 hours to contact me to claim their prize.

Good luck!


  1. Yes, I would like to read menage and out of the list of combinations, I wouldn't read any with a "F" (okay, every once in a while I will read a MMF, but it has to be a story that really grabs me).

    Congrats on your recent & upcoming releases!


  2. Yes, I would. No, there isn't.

    You were right - that was ridiculously easy!

  3. I sometimes read menage and prefer m/m/m most of all. I will occasionally read MMF. I don't really like anything where the guys aren't into each other too and probably wouldn't read anything that is primary female focused.

    jacobjunk at verizon dot net

  4. I actually don't much like menages. I prefer strictly just two people but on occasion when I do read them I'll only read m/m/m but that's not very often :-/


  5. I'm not a fan of menage. I've read a couple of m/m/m, but usually they fail to convince me that the emotional aspects could work.

  6. I love menage stories...but you knew that. At least 60% of my erotica collection includes some sort of menage scene. I'll read any of them, but as far as seeking them out to read, I'd go for this order:


    I often find MMM confusing, and I've read too many horrible, non-erotic FFF scenes. I like FMF OK provided it isn't your typical guy/harem sort of story, if that makes sense.

    Also, like Chris, I want the emotional aspects to work. At the very least, I need a really convincing seduction scene.

    And you know my email address, girlie. ;-)


    P.S. You forgot MMMF! :P

  7. congrats on the new releases!
    I love menage. stories. Mainly the (MFM, MMF*, MMM,
    Not fond of F/F or F/F/F.
    For some reason there isn't an emotional connection between the characters in the stories I've read. It is more than likely the books as the stories read flat as there wasn't any depth to the characters. Too static and flat.
    But I think it is because I love your books, and got spoiled with great stories...*S*
    Thank you for he contest !


  8. I prefer MMM, and I don't like to read any combination involving MFF or FFF

  9. love menage. :) I like MMM or MMF. :)

  10. Yes. I like MMM or MMF.

  11. LOVE menage MMM MMF.
    Won't read FFF or MFF

  12. yes! I love menage, both with male/male interaction and not. I haven't read any with female/female yet, but I'd be open to it. As to MMMM, absolutely! I'd be open to FFF. It would all depend, like most things, on the author, emotional development of the characters, and the way the author pulls me in.

    taylorgibbs @ gmail dot com

  13. I enjoy MMM, MMF, and the occasional FFF.

    I prefer full-contact ménage when the three characters are not all the same sex. When it's just two focusing on one, it often gives off that feeling that the two are afraid to be labeled as either gay or bi. Not all stories come off that way, but I've read enough that do to avoid them now. XD

    I like stories where the bisexual individuals embrace it instead of being all phobic about it. ^_-

    Favorite will always be MMM, though.

  14. I'm fine with menage (IDK how to make the accent appear using html.) But since my reading is focused on fairly vanilla het historicals for audiobooks or various genres for gay ebooks, the more women involved, the less interest for me, and FF or FFF or FFFF... is a serious hard limit for me.

  15. I like menage, but it has to be mmm all the way. I don't like ladies in my erotic fiction IDEK why! What I do like about menage is more the emotional side, particularly when a 3rd comes into an already established relationship (I love a bit of angst). I'm definitely more interested in that side of things that being provided with interesting combos of who put what where...although I don't mind that either!

  16. I am actually a big fan of menage storylines, but I agree with the other's, it needs to have a strong emotional component to go along with a sexy and very erotic romance. My favorite combo is m/f/m and m/m/f.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com
    cathy m

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  18. Yes, I'm back.....LOL
    It bothered me that I really didn't remember reading many FFF, FFM, FMF.
    I went through my Kindle and found not a single one of these. At all. I have 1,557 books on my Kindle and I don't delete anything unless they are samples. I just organize them and archive them as I finish reading them. I love to come back an reread books, and as I spend so much money one these books, I'll be darned if I'll delete them...*S*
    So I am going to go out and find a few and just enjoy them...
    thanks for the question that allowed me review myself, and I can hardly say I don't like something if I haven't tried it...*S*

    thanks for the contest!


  19. Winners have been selected and will be posted shortly. Thank you to everyone who participated - stay tuned for more Ridiculously Easy Contests(tm)!