Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Along the lines of Six Sentence Sunday, I'm going to start posting a snippet of a current work-in-progress every each from Lauren Gallagher (hetero erotic romance) and L. A. Witt (gay erotic romance). It may not always be the book I'm working on at the moment, since I might be between books (as I am right now), but it will always be something unfinished that I fully intend to finish soon. (Yes, I do actually finish WIPs that I intend to finish)

For the inaugural post, here are the opening lines of Noble Metals, my steampunk novella (which is technically finished, but I'm still editing, so I'll call it a WIP):

The dark-haired stranger walked into the saloon, and every whore’s head turned, including mine.

It wasn’t that newcomers were unusual. I myself had come to town much the same way this fellow probably had. Like thousands of other stampeders, my brothers and I came to Seattle after someone sniffed out some gold in the Klondike. We were among the first to arrive in the swampy logging town sitting in a strip of mud between a lake and Puget Sound. Had our provision money not wound up in the pocket of a gambler and the purses of a dozen whores, I’d have been up to the Yukon and back again by now.

And from Lauren Gallagher, the opening lines of I'll Show You Mine, a contemporary erotic romance that I'm working on:

Never in my life did I feel more naked than the moment I walked down the aisle with Shane McNeill.

In fact, the instant he walked into the room before the processional began, I thought my dress might melt right off my body. When our eyes met, I wished it would. Holy shit.

Most guys looked suave and sexy in a tux, but there was something else about Shane. Oh, yes, he was suave and sexy. Clean cut, perfectly groomed, every dark hair in place and not a speck on his black jacket or glossy shoes. But…different.

He leaned casually against the doorway, barely wavering when the boat rocked beneath our feet, and met my eyes without a hint of shyness. He didn’t approach; there would be time for introductions after the ceremony, and that was minutes away from starting. The only reason I knew who he was, as opposed to the other groomsmen, was the red boutonniere that set him apart as the best man.

Which meant we’d be walking together.

Oh, God.

Tune in every Wednesday for more snippets!

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