Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's time for another installment of WIP Wednesday, wherein I share a little snippet of a work-in-progress from one or both pseudonyms.

At the moment, I'm working on Meredith Reclaimed, which is the sequel to Reconstructing Meredith:

“A high back?” Claudia snorted. “Why would you need a high-backed dress? You have a beautiful figure—”

“You bitch,” Sharon interjected with a laugh.

“Yeah, no kidding,” Claudia said. “If I had a body like yours, I’d be showing off as much as I could, especially at my wedding.”

My cheeks burned. “Thanks,” I said softly. “I guess I just kind of like some of the old-fashioned styles.”

“Prude,” Claudia said, elbowing me gently.

I just laughed, and the three of us kept walking. The truth was, I adored the plunging backs and spaghetti strap style dresses that were in fashion these days. And Scott had always had a thing for anything that showed off shoulders and collarbones.

Only a handful of people in my life knew the real reason I wanted my back covered when I walked down the aisle. Close as I was to them, I’d never told Claudia or Sharon about the scars that slashed ugly, irregular lines across my back from my shoulders down. Even if I wore my hair down, which would hide my skin well past my shoulder blades, I’d spend the whole time wondering if someone could see them. Or being afraid I’d turn my head and pull my hair out of the way so everyone could see. I’d already had a few of the worst scars removed, or at least minimized, and had two more minor surgeries between now and the wedding, but there was no hiding the fact that something had happened to my back. Something I didn’t care to relive or rehash at my wedding. Or ever again, if I could help it. Those days were behind me where they belonged.

Stay tuned for more snippets next Wednesday!

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