Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cover Art: Disengaged

Just got some new cover art by the lovely Amanda Kelsey:

Why are the good ones always taken?

The last thing Amber wants to think about is engagement rings or anything related to engagement rings, but they’re kind of hard to avoid when she makes her living in a jewelry store. Between her job and her last relationship, she’s getting more than a little bit jaded about love and commitment. In fact, she’s ready to change everything in her life, and right now, a man is the last thing she wants.

When gorgeous bartender Jeremy wanders into her store, she’s willing to reconsider what she wants right now, but he’s off the menu: he’s here for an engagement ring.

But as Jeremy comes back again and again to look at the ring, Amber suspects it’s not just the price that keeps him from taking it home. She’d never dream of sabotaging someone’s relationship, but is Jeremy about to make a huge mistake?

Disengaged will be available from Champagne Books in September.

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  1. Congrats on the awesome cover. Blurb sounds like a goodie!