Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's time for another installment of WIP Wednesday, wherein I share a little snippet of a work-in-progress from one or both pseudonyms.

Here are the opening paragraphs of Conduct Unbecoming, a contemporary M/M erotic romance:

“Dude, Okinawa is a fucking shithole.”

My cousin’s words echoed in my head as the plane slowly descended from the night sky. I scowled out the window, thankful for the darkness that obscured most of the island that would, for the next three years, be home. In the dark and viewed from here, it didn’t look so bad: city lights glittered with considerably less intensity than those of Tokyo or San Diego. Headlights wound between buildings just beyond the airport, and the occasional tiny, bobbing light indicated a boat out in the ink black water. Distant pinpricks of light suggested power lines and cell towers along uneven, maybe mountainous terrain, and faintly glowing areas implied cities and towns extending much farther into the distance than I’d have expected on such a small island.

It didn’t look so bad from here, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

“Trust me, man,” my cousin Andy had told me. “That place blows. Everything’s so Americanized, it barely even counts as living in a foreign country. The people fucking hate us, they can’t fucking drive, and oh my God, there is nothing to do.”

Great. I’d probably finish out this tour just like everyone else who came here: bored out of my mind, itching to go back to the States, and with a substantially higher alcohol tolerance than I’d ever imagined possible. As if my divorce and my last two commands hadn’t already ratcheted up my alcohol tolerance to unhealthy levels.

Stay tuned for more snippets next Wednesday!

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