Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brief Update

Just wanted to give everyone a few quick updates...

This typhoon that blew through had me offline for a couple of days, so I'm playing catch-up right now. As soon as I have everything in some semblance of order, I'll draw the winners for the 20th book giveaway.

And speaking of books...
...Static is now available in paperback from Amazon and Amber Allure.

Moving right along...

I'm hard at work right now, finishing up some projects so I can get them sent off to editors before I move. I will most likely be returning to the States in mid-October, and I'll be in Seattle for a few weeks, possibly up to two months or so, before continuing to Nebraska. As such, updates may be sparse, and my word counters may move exceptionally slowly between late September and early January. Fear not! Just getting adjusted to stateside life again, getting settled in, etc. The writing will still be happening, just won't be back up to speed until early 2012. Don't worry -- I still have a few books up my sleeve that won't be added to the Coming Soon list for a little while. ;)

Also, since that list is ever-changing, here's the basic rundown of everything currently coming out in the next few months:

As Lauren Gallagher
  • Disengaged, Champagne Books, September
As L. A. Witt
  • On The List, Amber Allure, August
  • Ex Equals, Amber Allure, September
  • The Closer You Get, Samhain, November
  • Search Me, Carnal Passions, TBD
  • The Given & The Taken, Samhain, January
  • Noble Metals, Carnal Passions, January
And I just want to say thanks to my awesome readers! I'm glad y'all are enjoying my books, and rest assured, there will be plenty more coming after I'm settled into Nebraska.


  1. Still boggling at the whole Nebraska thing...

  2. Yeah, tell me about it. We're NAVY, for crying out loud. *huff* We'll make it work, though. Then hopefully they'll send us overseas again...

  3. I have to admit that when I think of states where there could be Naval bases, Nebraska isn't in the first 25...

  4. It's actually an Air Force base, but they have a small Navy security detachment. My husband works security, so...

  5. I really hope Nebraska doesn't inspire you to write about cowboys and ranchers.... (Westerns = not my favorite thing)


  6. I grew up on a farm, showing horses, etc. If I was going to write westerns, I would have by now. lol (Though I may write one or two involving horse shows, but...I'm not into westerns)

  7. Whew! ;)

    (I grew up on a farm, too...)