Monday, December 26, 2011

I haz an OFFICE!

I know, it's terribly exciting for anyone who isn't me. But after over two months of moving, traveling, and working at my parents' dining room table, I am absurdly excited to be more or less settled into my new office. So, naturally, I have to share pictures.

It wasn't pretty when I started, let me tell you. I have, shall we say, a rather large library. Most of it has been in storage the last three years, and ALL of it needed to be sorted and shelved.

All of it.
After a few hours of toiling, I had made some progress...
I agree, Midget. That's enough for one day.
The next day, I had to add two more bookcases...
...which made a big enough dent that I could put my desk together!
You'll notice Midget looking very interested in something that isn't my office. That's because we have a bunch of fat gray squirrels in the backyard, and they fascinate her. (I'll get pictures of them eventually -- every time I break out the camera, they disappear)

Watching squirrels are srs bznz...
And here's some books that have a more or less permanent residence on my desk, though some may eventually move to a bookcase (when there's room):
After two years of being published, you'd think this would lose its novelty, but it doesn't:
I haven't done much decorating yet, but I do have a couple of signs on the door:
And finally, for all those who said Nebraska would be flat, boring, and tree-less, I give you...

The view from my window:
Why yes, I think I will do JUST fine here.


  1. Love the new office! Congrats! Beautiful view! Oh, and I think you need an e-reader...

  2. *drool*

    Pardon my puddle, but I covet more books and bookcases. And even more than that, I covet having a room All To Myself in which I can *put* those books and bookcases. My oldest will be 18 in 7 years; how offended do you think she'll really be if I turn her room into a library?