Sunday, February 19, 2012

Links N Things

Today is Six Sentence Sunday, of course, so if you want to check out a quick snippet of Where There's Smoke -- due out this Tuesday! -- click here or scroll down to the next post.

I'm over at Jessewave today discussing when cheating is -- and isn't -- cheating. I'm interested in your opinions, readers, so stop by and sound off on how you feel about cheating and all its gray areas.

And as long as I'm posting links, I completely neglected to post about a couple of guest blogs that came up in the last week or so. Over at Sara Brookes' blog, I'm talking about my first time submitting a manuscript. And over at Book Faery's blog, Liam from A Chip In His Shoulder discusses his fascination with the New Orleans funeral culture as part of an author spotlight for the upcoming Authors After Dark in NOLA.

Also, Circlet Press is conducting a poll to pick the best stories for an upcoming lesbian anthology. My good friend Kathleen Tudor's story, Navigator, is in the running, so I promised her I'd post the link here. Now go! Go and vote for your favorite!

Finally, Until It's Over is still available for a you're-practically-stealing-it price of $0.99 over on Amazon, and there's just a few hours left to enter to win a copy of Where There's Smoke from Stumbling Over Chaos. Hurry, folks! What are you waiting for? Go! Go! Go!

Phew. That's a lot of links.

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