Friday, February 3, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Conduct Unbecoming

More Six Sentence Sunday!

This week, a nibble from my work-in-progress, the rewrite of Conduct Unbecoming, where Eric is struggling to come to terms with being assigned to Okinawa:

At least there was something here I enjoyed. If the snorkeling was anything like Hawaii or Guam, then maybe I could get through this three-year tour without completely losing my mind.

I tried not to think about that number, but it just kept banging around in my head. Three years in this foreign place where I didn’t even know how to drive or how to speak the language. Three years without my daughter. Three fucking years.

Want to play along? It’s fun and easy!
1. pick a project – a current WIP, contracted work or even something readers can buy if you’re published
2. pick six sentences
3. post ‘em on Sunday


  1. Okay, I'll bite. Here are six sentences from MORO'S PRICE, a m/m space opera out on sub now:

    The bonder’s last hours must be as kind as possible, Val decided. When the man’s black eyes dulled, his warm breath stopped, and his body burned to ash in Cama’s Fire – then Val would face the price of his own brief joy. He’d pay it, for a few hours with Moro. And if Moro survived, through a miracle Val wasn’t supposed to believe in? The joy became a white-hot flame. Then Val would keep him.

  2. I love the ring of authenticity in this. Well done!

  3. Thanks. We'll see if the e-publishers like it.
    And thanks to Lori for starting the six-sentence Sundays!

  4. I didn't start it :) It's a weekly blog hop can sign up at

    Love your six, BTW!