Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yet again, it's a wonder I get anything done.

I found this amazing acupuncture reference book the other day. Tons of pictures of acupuncture points with brief, to the point (no pun intended) descriptions of conditions, treatments, etc. The Pictorial Atlas of Acupuncture, in case you're interested.

For the book I'm working on right now, Where Nerves End, this is a fantastic reference and has come in handy numerous times already.

Well, it would come in handy, anyway.

If I could, you know, use it:

"Iz mai book. Git ur own."


  1. I think I need some acupuncture right now. Must have slept funny because my shoulder and hip are killing me! If you figure it out, let me

    Cats always find the most interesting places to rest. Mine seems to do that, too. :)

  2. Dude, get thee to an acupuncturist! I've had it myself for a bunch of stuff (including my shoulder). It's my character is discovering too. hehe


  3. I have always kind of wanted to try acupuncture. Except for the teeeny little thing where I have a HUGE issue with needles. Except sewing/embroidery-type needles. I like those.

    And, of course, the epidural needle. THAT one was *awesome*.

    We're not sure HOW to explain the tattoo. An extended moment of irrationality, perhaps? I was not myself that day. ;)

  4. I have 6 tattoos and a MASSIVE needle phobia. Come at me with a hypodermic, I'll freak out. Tattoo needles are different enough, the don't bother me.

    And acupuncture needles are a different animal entirely. I was pretty wound up until the first one went in. Then I was like "'s no big deal." The needles are so ridiculously fine, they're nothing like a hypodermic. Trust me, from one needle-phobe to another, if you can get yourself into the clinic and past that first needle, it's WELL worth it.

  5. Of course, the cat wasn't interested in any of the books that you weren't trying to use...