Monday, April 16, 2012

Back from RT...and a new winner for a long since closed contest.

After a week in Chicago for the Romantic Times Convention, I am exhausted and have no voice, but I had a great time. Definitely glad I went. Met some of my awesome readers and colleagues, ate some absurdly overpriced food, and went to some fantastic panels. Already saving my pennies so I can go to RT 2013 in Kansas City.

Now, a few months ago, some of you may remember that I held a contest to name the band in Fauxhawks & Flashcards. That contest was here, and the winner was announced here. And F&F is still going to happen, but another plot bunny has elbowed its way to the front of the line and demanded to be written. However, the new story -- Enjoy the Silence -- has not one but two bands, which means I need two band names.

So, I have gone through the submissions for the contest and selected another winner, who will be mentioned alongside Julianna (who named Carnal Malefactors) in Enjoy the Silence, as well as receiving a free copy of an ebook off my backlist:

Congratulations to:


For her suggestion of

The New Black

Shae, if you could please drop me an e-mail with your preferred title and format, I'll send the book off to you ASAP!

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