Sunday, April 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - For The Living

More Six Sentence Sunday!

One last nibble of For The Living, which is NOW AVAILABLE from Amber Allure:

At six-thirty on the dot, that guy who happened to be an off-duty mortician stepped through the front door of Fran’s CafĂ©.

I didn’t recognize him at first. Every time I’d seen him so far, his clothing had been as somber as his demeanor. The man strolling through the coffee shop’s front door was anything but somber, and in fact it wasn’t until he took off his sunglasses that I was certain he was Scott.

He put on his regular glasses, then acknowledged me with a nod from across the coffee shop before stepping up to the counter to order as he hooked his sunglasses in the front of his shirt. While he stood at the counter, I took the opportunity to drink him in.

Want to play along? It’s fun and easy!
1. pick a project – a current WIP, contracted work or even something readers can buy if you’re published
2. pick six sentences
3. post ‘em on your blog or website on Sunday


  1. Good luck on the release tomorrow, Lori! And I love it when a character is so chameleon-like between work and...pleasure. ;)

  2. Good luck for the new release! Nice snippet too. :)

  3. I love that he is a mortician. That hooked me right from the first line!
    Congratulations on your release tomorrow!

  4. Mortician?
    Great setting and intro to how the guy really is, when not being all somber. Love the six and hope to read more soon!

  5. Those morticians are masters of disguise. A lesson I learned at RT two years ago. ;) Great six!

  6. So interesting to see someone in a different context and get a whole new look at them. Sounds like she's taking advantage!