Monday, April 30, 2012

Updates and going to be MIA for a bit.

I've just returned to Omaha after a trip to Seattle to read with some Lambda finalists, and tomorrow, I hit the road again...this time for an actual VACATION! I know...I'm stunned too. And yes, I will likely be working at least part of the time because I just can't help myself. Expect a few tales of shenanigans, along with photos, on my personal blog. After that, back to your regularly scheduled posting. And I will actually be posting more; the last couple of months have been a bit hectic, so I've fallen behind on my bloggery. This will be remedied!

Before I go, some updates!

I've made a change to my website to make it easier for people to find books that interest them. You can now browse by genre, by length, by series, and see what's available in paperback.

In other news, I'm pleased to announce The Closer You Get took first place in the New England Reader's Choice Bean Pot Award's Erotica category. The trophies are uber-cute, so I'm looking forward to having that on my desk. 

Also, I now have paperback copies of Search Me, and should have For The Living and the Master of Mine BDSM Anthology soon. Perhaps a giveaway in the near future? ;) Stay tuned.

Speaking of For The Living, it is on Amazon now, but thus far only in paperback. I'm not sure when the Kindle version will be available on Amazon, but I do know those with the technical know-how are working on it. In the meantime, it can be purchased in Kindle formats on AllRomance as well as the Amber Allure website. Thank you all for your patience!

And speaking of paperbacks, Damaged Goods will be available in print soon. Stay tuned for release info!

That's all for now -- expect some radio silence while I'm on vacation, but I'll be back and rarin' to go soon!

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  1. This is an early post but I just wanted to say “Thank You” for letting me be included in your Hop Against Homophobia. I am afraid I am not a talented m/m fiction writer like yourself but I am an avid reader of it.

    I guess I do not fit into any category really since I write non-fiction for an adult studio.

    But this is a cause I feel strongly about and I wanted to let you know I appreciate the opportunity to be included.