Saturday, June 30, 2012

Holy Ned, y'all! A Free Book!

For a very limited time, Cold Feet in Hot Sand is available FREE on Amazon

Yeah. Free. I know!
When her sister is left at the altar at her destination wedding, Deanna Riley hunts down the groom—her long time friend Nick Wallace—to give him a piece of her mind. She has no idea what excuses or explanations to expect, but the last thing she expects is to sympathize with him once he tells his side of the story. 
Actually, no. The last thing she expects is for the conversation to turn into…more than a conversation. And if there’s anything the heartbroken, jilted bride doesn’t need, it’s a fling between her sister and would-be husband. 
Now Nick and Deanna are desperate to atone for what they’ve done, but even as they struggle to patch things up with Deanna’s sister, they can’t deny that the unexpected night on the beach ignited a flame that refuses to die…

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