Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Updates, and What's Coming Up

It's been a busy couple of months here in Abnormal Romance Authorville, and the schedule for the next few months is, shall we say, packed. October is promising to be utter madness at ye olde desk of insanity, because there is a ton of stuff in the works for all y'all.

Will there be more Tucker Springs books? Yes! Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton's book, Second Hand, is available now from Riptide. Dirty Laundry by Heidi will be out next year, as will Marie's next book. My book, Covet Thy Neighbor (Seth's story!) will be along in early spring. I'll also be contributing After The Fall, but no dates for that one yet. Keep an eye on the Tucker Springs Website for updates, as well as our various Twitter accounts: @HeidiCullinan, @MarieSexton, and @GallagherWitt.

Will there be more Tooth & Claw books? Yes! I've had a lot on my plate this year and didn't finish them when I'd originally planned, but rest assured, book #3 (The United & The Divided) and the final book, #4 (The Faithful & The Fallen), are very much in the works. Dates and release info to come as they're available.

What titles will be available in paperback?  The Closer You Get has just been released in print. The Given & The Taken will be along in December, and in mid-late 2013, Who's Your Daddy?, Conduct Unbecoming, The Healing & The Dying, and All The King's Horses will also be in print, along with Where There's Smoke and With the Band. Details to come.

That's it?  Ooh, no. Late 2012 and most of 2013 are going to be nuts, y'all. Assuming the Mayans don't actually come back from Saturn to do battle with the Freemasons in December, here are the titles that are coming out over the next few months:

  • By A Thread - Amber Allure, October 21st (Fantasy Novella; Witt)
  • Conduct Unbecoming - Samhain Publishing, October 23rd (Contemporary Milrom; Witt)
  • O Come All Ye Kinky Anthology - Riptide Publishing, December 3rd (BDSM short story; Witt)
  • From Out in the Cold - Loose Id, LLC, December 4th (Contemporary; Witt)
  • All The King's Horses - Samhain Publishing, December 25th (Contemporary Western; Gallagher)
  • Something New Under the Sun - Riptide Publishing, January 21st (Cyberpunk; Witt)
  • Wireless - Loose Id, LLC, January TBD (Futuristic Sci-Fi; Witt)
And after January?  Lots of stuff brewing. A kinky M/M contemporary, a couple of romantic comedies, definitely some more hetero and trans* stories, plenty of sci-fi, and at least one sequel. Possibly even some collaborations!

Now, back to writing. If you'll be at GRL in Albuquerque, definitely say hello! Looking forward to meeting authors and readers -- only two weeks away, can you believe it?

Okay, okay, really getting back to work now. 


  1. Oh goody goody gum drops! More books, more books and even more books. My bank account is hurting even now. But it will be soooo with it. I am waiting for a sequel to Iut of Focus. Gotta have more of Jordan, Dante, and Angel, er, Ryan. Now stop reading this and get back to writing! LOL

  2. In case you don't know who wrote the above comment (and since I forgot to add my name), it is Cathye C. But you had to have known!