Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Book Recommendation: FINDING ORION

My good friend Erin Lark has a new book out!  Finding Orion is now available from Evernight Publishing. Additional links are available on Erin's website

Check it out!  (I love that cover!)
Brianna's had just about enough of real life, one night stands and stale relationships. So when a Dom binds her in her dreams, she's all in.  
The last thing Brianna needs after submitting to Orion in her dreams is a man, let alone one that looks exactly like him. But there's something hauntingly familiar about Jace and the way he looks at Bree when she meets his gaze from across the bar.  
Unable to sleep, no thanks to her neighbors' sexcapades, she's aching for an out. Even if it means a one night stand with her Dom's lookalike—the Dom who up until now, she thought didn't exist. But when this new stranger declines her sexy invitation, she's determined to figure Jace out—one painful layer at a time.  
After getting screwed by his ex, Jace isn't even remotely interested in being someone else's master, especially when it involves putting his band's career on the line. But avoiding the lifestyle of a Dom is easier said than done, unless he finds someone to take him off the market—which makes Bree just the woman he's looking for.  
Cute. Confident. Great in bed. There's no possible way she could be a sub. But what happens when her submissive tendencies begin to show through? Can he suppress his Dominant side, or will he give in to his internal desires—even if it means leaving the band?

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