Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A word about out-of-print titles...

A few readers have noticed lately that a number of my books have disappeared from various sites such as Amazon and AllRomance, and folks have e-mailed me with questions regarding their future availability.  So, I wanted to address those questions and update everyone on the status of those books.

The biggest question is, will the books be available in the future? In short, yes, they will.

Several are already with editors for facelifts, though the publishers have not yet been determined for all of them. Some will be self-published and some will be reprinted through other houses. As contracts have not yet been signed and plans have not yet been finalized, I can't name names or give out dates, but rest assured that plans are very much in the works. Announcements will be made as soon as I'm given the green light, or have made the final decision to self-publish this or that title.

In short, my backlist is absolutely not going away. Some older titles will disappear for a little while to visit the edits-and-cover-art spa, and then they'll return.  When they do, some will have added material, such as extended epilogues. There's even a very good possibility of some brand spanking new sequels.

As of the date of this blog, the following titles are temporarily unavailable:

By L. A.:
Cover Me
Trust Me
Search Me
The Best Man
Noble Metals

By Lauren:
Between Brothers
The Next Move
Until It's Over
Cold Feet in Hot Sand
Light Switch
Reconstructing Meredith
What This Woman Wants

Please visit my website (http://www.loriawitt.com) for updates and additional information.

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