Thursday, July 2, 2015


Well, kids, we're a week and a half away from unleashing On The Clock, but you know, Aleks and I have been taunting you all for a long time with this one. Kinda seems like y'all deserve a little nibble, you know?

But just a little nibble. Because we're authors. And we're mean.

But not too mean...

Because here is your first ever sneaky peeky nibble at Blake and Jason at Market Garden, negotiating their first night together...

“So that brings us to the next question.” Jason drew swirls on the back of Blake’s hand because, hell, Blake wasn’t already losing his mind. “What are you looking for tonight?”

Blake swallowed. “Well, um . . .”

Get it together, Raleigh. This is a business negotiation. This is what you do. Close the fucking deal without getting screwed. Err, without getting fucked. Err . . . crap.

He took a deep breath and pushed his shoulders back, channeling the professional side of him that had earned the money that would be going into Jason’s wallet tonight. “You ever driven a Lamborghini?”

Jason squirmed. “Not yet.”

“I have one.” Blake grinned. “Had two for a while, but now I have one.”

“Yeah?” Jason held his gaze, and Blake wondered how close the guy was to licking his chops.

Blake turned his hand over, and with a single fingertip, teased the soft skin on the inside of Jason’s wrist. “Car like that fetches a lot of money. A lot.”

“Yeah, it does.” Jason shifted, as if he were trying not to squirm again, but failing miserably.

What’s that, Jason? Is that a button of yours?

Blake leaned closer, mirroring Jason’s advance from earlier. “So you can imagine that you’d want to be very careful where you invest your money with a car like that. Make sure it’s exactly the right model.” He drew his nail along the side Jason’s hand, and was rewarded with a subtle gasp and some goose bumps. “Make sure the seats are good and comfortable. High quality leather. Smooth transmission.” He grinned. “Right?”

Jason’s Adam’s apple jumped. He didn’t speak, but nodded slightly.

“So I’m sure you understand”—Blake slid his hand free and laid it over the top of Jason’s—“the necessity of a test drive.”

Okay. Yeah, you're right. We're mean. 


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