Thursday, May 5, 2016

NOW AVAILABLE: Werewolves of Chernobyl

So it started out innocently enough.

Well, not really. You see, last September, I was sitting in a steakhouse in Spain with Agnes and Kat (the duo who write together as K.A. Merikan), and somehow, we wound up on the topic of Chernobyl-related shapeshifters. Yeah, I don't know either -- it was one of those conversations that probably started out sort of normal, and went south in a hurry, and none of us could ever backtrack to figure out how we ended up where we did.

Bottom line, somehow the three of us were discussing the possibility of combining Chernobyl with shapeshifters. Enjoying a bit of schadenfreude, I was getting a kick out of the already-scheduled-within-an-inch-of-their-lives Merikans being assaulted by this plot bunny, so of course I was feeding it. Tossing little ideas at them, egging them on, etc. After all, what good is having writers for friends if you can't cause them to be consumed by rampaging plot bunnies.

I should've known who I was dealing with, though. They sent the plot bunny right back to me. And by the time we'd ordered dessert (Nutella crepes, of course), we realized what needed to be done -- we needed to write it. Together. All three of us.

None of us were strangers to co-writing, but one book with three authors sounded like it could be as disastrous as giving one cup to two girls. Still, the story sounded fun (and we were already giggling over our wildly mismatched characters), and none of us are the type to forego a challenge.

By the end of the night, we had a plot, three characters, and a delightfully pulpy title. Over the course of the next few months, we wrote and revised the story, and it turned out to be surprisingly fun and easy. Plus the story was just as mad and pulpy as we'd imagined it would be (with all the requisite smut of a shapeshifter menage, including knotting because of course there is).

And now, today, the result of that madness has been unleashed on the world. We give you...

Being kidnapped by two werewolves is an adventure after all, right? Right?


If Quinn wants to get the best photos for his travel blog, no gate is too tall, and no ‘do not enter’ sign actually means he won’t go in. What he finds in a hidden exclusion zone by Chernobyl blows his mind. Mutants? Monsters? He doesn’t know, but he is bound to find out when not one but two of them break into his hotel.
Too bad the rules and attitudes they have toward sex don’t match Quinn’s at all.


Born with a disabled hand, smaller than the other werewolves, Dima is the lowest of the low in his pack, but when he meets the loveliest human he’s ever seen, he knows his luck has changed.
The last thing he expects though is his beloved friend Nazar turning on him once Dima’s affection for Quinn deepens, and he refuses to be mounted by Nazar anymore.


Nazar is a high ranking soldier in his pack, but in his powerful body hides a gentle soul, and all he wants is to escape the pack with Dima. But once Dima claims Quinn as his, secrets Nazar has so far kept hidden rear their ugly head.
The werewolf language doesn’t have words to describe what they crave, so Quinn might be the only one to help them solve the puzzle of the desires that go against the rules of their pack.

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