Saturday, September 30, 2017

GRL is almost upon us!

Man, I am terrible at blogging, aren't I?  Rest assured I have been writing words in places other than my blog, though. Specifically Word documents that eventually turn into books. So there's that. But blogging? Yeah, I suck.

Anyway. October starts in about 55 minutes, which means GayRomLit is like tomorrow. Okay, it's three weeks away, but it feels like it's tomorrow because Holy Ned you guys, it's almost time for GRL!!!

So, sort-of-on-the-eve-ofGRL, here's what's happening in the GallagherWitt realms:


I'm not listed as an author, but I will be there as a sponsor. You'll most likely find me in the sales room (I'm bringing loads of paperbacks that I don't want to take home!) or in the bar. If we've never met, don't hesitate to come up and say hello! I don't bite, and I'll sign basically anything you put in front of me.  Also, don't miss the narrators' reading on....whenever that ends up being. There are some amazing narrators in the lineup, and someone might be reading from one of my not-yet-released books!

New Releases

I have two new releases in October!  On the 3rd, the third and final Skin Deep, Inc, book, Cover Up. On the 18th, Blood From a Stoner.

So basically a short paranormal novella with weed involved, and a military/tattooist romance with lots of angst. They're pretty different from each other, but they're both quite smutty!


In December, New Hand will mark the end of the Bluewater Bay series. It's always said to say goodbye to a series, but it's time, and hopefully Garrett and Jesse will bring it to a worthy close.

Speaking of the end of a series, January will bring the final installments of the Bad Behavior series, which I co-wrote with Cari Z. Reckless Behavior will be out January 1st, followed two weeks later by the last book, Romantic Behavior.

There's also more Anchor Point books coming. Four of them, to be specific -- the final installment will be released in July.

 What?? Just series enders?? No!  Trust me, there are some new things in the works! New series, and new standalones. Maybe even some new co-writes with new co-authors. Stay tuned!

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