Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Some Updates (Rebound, Dreamspinner titles, etc)

So, just a brief update on some books that are getting new homes!

In particular:
  • The audiobook of Rebound
  • The Tucker Springs series
  • The Wrench Wars series
  • Rules of Engagement and Rain
Rebound:  If you purchased the audiobook and experienced audio issues, the problem is being addressed and a new edition will be available soon. I don't have an ETA for it yet, but keep an eye on Twitter and my website for updates.

My Dreamspinner titles:

At my request, Dreamspinner has reverted my rights. Some books have been released, and others are coming soon.

Last Mechanic Standing and Wrenches, Regrets, & Reality Checks, my Wrench Wars books, have been re-released.

Rules of Engagement has been extensively revised, including a newly extended ending, and has been re-released. The audiobook will remain as is for the time being. Rain has also been re-released, and is available in print for the first time!  (or, well, it will be - as I post this, it's still processing on Amazon, but should be up soon)

My books in the Tucker Springs series have reverted to me, and they're being reformatted, etc.  Where Nerves End, Covet Thy Neighbor, and After the Fall will be available soon. It's Complicated will remain with Dreamspinner until November. If you pre-ordered It's Complicated from Amazon, you will still receive your book as scheduled.

These changes only affect my books in the Wrench Wars and Tucker Springs series. The other authors' books will remain unchanged.

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