Friday, March 23, 2012

Tweet, Tweet -- A little birdie told me you can win a book.

It's time for a contest. Why? Because I haven't had one in a while.

And contests should be fun, so...this one's going to be fun. Because that's how I roll.
  1. Take the title of a book -- can be a classic, a recent release, some obscure thing you picked up in an antique store five years ago, fiction, non-fiction, whatever -- and replace a word with "mullet."
  2. Tweet the new title with the hashtag #titlemullet
  3. If you don't have or use Twitter, never fear! Leave a comment here, and it will count as your entry.
  4. Enter as many times as you like.
  5. The entry must use the hashtag, or I won't see it, and it won't count.
  6. Best mullet-infused title wins an ebook of their choice off my backlist.
  7. Contest ends Saturday, March 24, 2012, at noon Eastern.

Now...go forth and show me your mullets!


  1. "Where the Red Mullett Grows". I do not know why that was the first thing I thought of. I think I can do better. Just give me time. :D

    1. How about "The Scarlet Mullett" or "A Tale of Two Mulletts" ? I have classics on the brain! :D

    2. Okay, it might help if I could spell mullet correctly!

      "Where the Red Mullet Grows"
      "The Scarlet Mullet"
      "A Tale of Two Mullets"

      I'm done now! :D

  2. Mullet Moon (Thea Harrison's Oracle Moon)

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  3. Love the comp!
    Here are my entries:

    "The Mullet Game"
    "Mullet for Measure"
    "Any Mullet of Mine"
    "The Fabulous Mullet Brothers"
    "Mullet and Prejudice"
    "The Decline and Fall of the Mullet Empire"

  4. I was having way too much fun with this! ;)
    My entries are:

    "Stranger in a Mullet Land"
    "The Mullet of the Triffids"
    "Anne of Mullet Gables"
    "Brave Mullet World"

    and my two favourites...

    "The Midwich Mullet"
    "To Mullet a Mockingbird"


  5. Heh... can you tweet and post here??
    >o< well, I'm just posting here so you can have my e-mail. :3
    Thank you for the fun contest!!

    Angela's Mullet -(Angela's Ashes)
    The Great Mullet -(The Great Gatsby)
    A Great and Terrible Mullet -(A Great and Terrible Beauty)
    Little Mullet -(Little Women)


    (I'm tweeting a lot more! lol
    ah, I'm Arella3173 ;3 )

  6. Juliana

    I am going with a classic...
    #Mullet's Inferno (Dante's Inferno)


  7. Here are a few
    #A Brac Pack Crazy Family Mullet
    #Mullet Love (Loco's Love)
    #Mullet Boys (Str8te Boys)
    #The Love of a Mullet (The Love of a Mate)


    1. Here's a few more
      #Mullet F*cked (Mind F*ucked)
      #The Forbidden Mullet (The Forbidden Room)
      #Mullet Island (The Island)

  8. Mullet for dessert (Strawberries for dessert)
    Mullet may cry (Devil may cry)
    Mullet Unbound (Lover Unbound)
    Kissed by a Mullet (Kissed by an Angel)
    Until Mullet We Do Part (Until death we do part)
    Eleven Mullets (Eleven Minutes)
    The Count of Mullet