Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reviews: Rain & Rules of Engagement

Dark Divas Reviews has posted two wonderful reviews!

For Rules of Engagement, 5 Divas out of 5:
This isn’t an action / adventure novel, nor is it a suspense novel, but truly I found all three elements in what, at first, appeared to be merely a hot and steamy romance. And I do mean appeared, because there was so much more to Dustin and Brandon’s story than I ever expected. Honestly to say that I was stunned by the emotional currents and depth of character is like saying I liked the story. [...] I expect that other stories that I read by this most compelling storyteller will keep me as enthralled—and yes I do mean that—as did Dustin and Brandon’s story. 

The complete review is here.

The sequel, Rain, received 4.5 Divas out of 5.

"Ms. Witt has once again pulled out all stops and sent us off on a journey of discovery and love and again, all I can say is Wow."

Read the entire review of Rain here.

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  1. Like I said, the plot of RoE is so compelling that I actually skimmed over the sex scenes to find out what happened next!

    Congratulations on two great reviews - you deserve them.