Thursday, January 27, 2011

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

Is it on? Can they hear me?  They can? Are you sure? So we're...

Okay, good, looks like we're live.

*clears throat*  So, I've decided to split my professional blog from my personal blog, and this is the result. I'm still playing around with some of the formatting and such, so pardon my dust and the occasional ugly spot. I'm working on it.

Anyway, this is now the official blog for both of my pseudonyms, L. A. Witt and Lauren Gallagher.  Here you will find updates on new releases, upcoming releases, and all things writing-related. There's a lot happening in the next few months, so check back often.  Oh, and there will be contests as soon as I can think of some creative and amusing ways to give away books.

My personal and decidedly less professional blog, Adventures in Navy Wifing, will remain active, but will be a little less focused on writing. That's where you'll find random musings about life in general, tons of mancandy, the occasional political or philosophical rant, and...well, there will still be stuff about writing, 'cause that's how I roll.  Some entries will probably be cross-posted, but for the most part, the blogs will remain separate.

So sit back, have your caffeinated or alcohol-saturated beverage of choice close by, and enjoy. Also, I'm compiling a list of links, which will appear on the sidebar soon, so if you want your blog or website linked, leave a comment. Reciprocal links are much-appreciated.

That's all for now - more to come soon!


  1. Z: Duck!
    A: Quack, quack.
    Z: I meant the cobwebs. She said there was dust.
    A: (Takes the feather duster and hands Zi the mop) Well, then let's help her get this place in shape.

    Seriously, it looks great! We'll be looking forward to all you have to say, and will cheer you on as you reach stardom!

  2. hey
    I just recently got cover me,and it was awesome.Love it!!!!!Love the new blog as well.

    Jessica Waters

  3. I wouldn't mind the link back to my blog. :)