Saturday, April 30, 2011

NOW AVAILABLE: Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools is now available from Amber Allure!

It started with a snowstorm and ended with a sizzling one-night-stand, but neither man is ready for it to be over.

Jilted groom Elliott Chandler doesn’t do “last minute” or “impulsive,” but at the very last minute, he impulsively changes his flight from Oahu to Maui. What was supposed to be his honeymoon turned into two weeks with a man he just met.

Derek Windsor is all about “last minute” and “impulsive,” but what he doesn’t do is fall in love. He’s a happily promiscuous bachelor and that’s final.

They thought one night together wasn’t enough. Two weeks is going to be more than they bargained for…

Now available from Amber Allure.

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