Saturday, May 7, 2011

REVIEWS: With the Band & Master of Mine

A few reviews that have been brought to my attention...

One for the Master of Mine BDSM Anthology from Happily Ever After Reviews:
I have to say each of these authors complimented each other in this book. [...] There isn't one story where it slowed down—it was one continuous hot sexual tension-filled book.
The whole review is here.

And two for With the Band, starting with The Romance Studio:
I am a big fan of L.A. Witt's writing under both of her names. She's so adept at writing from the first person point of view that I feel every emotion her characters feel. With the Band was no different.
The whole review is here.

From Bittersweet Reviews:
L A Witt has produced another great story in With The Band, and it might just be my favourite of her books to date. I loved Bastian and Aaron, and boy, do they have chemistry!
The whole review is here.

Incidentally, the reviewer commented that Aaron's stage-diving reminded her of Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars. Little known fact: The stage-diving incident was inspired by something similar that happened during the 30 Seconds to Mars concert I attended in Seattle in May of 2010. While Jared was uninjured in the real-life fall, I decided to play with the scenario and make it work out a little more painfully for my character. So, when the reviewer noticed the similarity to Jared's stage-diving, she was closer to the mark than she might have realized!

Obviously, as I said, Jared fared much better than Aaron. Here he is about a foot away from me right after he got to his feet:
Want to know how much the scenario sucked for Aaron? Well, you'll just have to read the book. ;)

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