Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A riddle for you...

Guess what the following series have in common:
  • Cover Me & Trust Me
  • Light Switch & Reconstructing Meredith
  • Getting off the Ground & Infinity Pools
Anyone? ;)

Guess correctly, and win an ebook of your choice.

The answer is now posted here.

ALSO - If I reach 350 followers on Twitter by May 31 when A.J.'s Angel is released, I'll give away 3 ebooks and a paperback to 4 lucky followers! Spread the word if you want to win a book!

Finally - Just a quick note for those who've been waiting, With the Band is now available on Amazon, AllRomance and Fictionwise.


  1. They all have sex in them!

    (Okay, I know. Not the answer you were looking for.)

  2. Hmm, gonna take a guess. Same cover models? Same artist doing the the covers?...*Jeopardy theme playing in my head*

  3. Well, true...but not quite what I'm after...

    Stay tuned, I'm gonna post the answer in a minute. :D