Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Giant "Try It You Might Like It" Gay Romance Giveaway -- DETAILS

I want to give everyone a chance to look over the rules and see how this works before the scramble for books begins, so here's all the details.  The giveaway will go live, with all the titles and blurbs listed, right here at 12:01 Central Time tonight (February 5/6).

It's been said that the only romance readers who don't like gay romance are the ones who haven't read it yet. Hyperbole, of course; not everything is everyone's cup of tea.  That said, at some point in time, those of us who read gay romance... didn't. We all started somewhere. A lot of people are starting right now, with JR Ward's newest book, Lover At Last, which sold out in record time at a virtual signing.
So, I'm challenging you, the reader who has never read gay romance or any male/male fiction to give it a try.  (And if you're already an M/M reader, stick with me. Stuff here for you too.)
The best part? You get to do it for free.  And this isn't one of those "it's totally free, but once you read the fine print you'll find out it's totally not, and then you're going to be paying out the nose forever and ever and getting phone calls from telemarketers at 9:00 on Sunday night until the end of time."  None of that nonsense. I will include a brief survey with your book, but it will be 100% optional and I will never ever bug you about it. Pinky swear.

You comment, you get a book, and that's it.
Maybe you'll like it. Maybe you won't. Maybe you'll decide it's not your cup of tea, or maybe you will discover a brand new genre. But you'll never know unless you try!
So how the heck does this work, anyway? 
It's quite simple, really, because simple is all I can handle. All you have to do is pick two of the titles listed, and leave a comment with your first and second choice (in order of preference!) and your contact information. That's it.
I've collected 34 titles from some of the most amazing (and generous!) authors in this genre, and they will be listed in all their glory (right here) starting at midnight. 

Titles are first come, first served. If your first choice is claimed, you'll win your second choice. I will do the best I can to mark books as they're claimed, but I may not be as fast as the comments. If two people claim the same title, whoever's comment posted first gets the book. If both your first and second choice are claimed, don't worry about deleting your comment; just comment with a third choice.

If all the books are already selected, never fear! Just leave a comment with "No Titles Left", and I'll hook you up with a book of your choice off my own backlist (since those are the only books I can legally/ethically give away once I run out of donations).
And just to make things even more fun, everyone who enters is also entered into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. Because seriously, who doesn't want a $25 Amazon gift card?
But what if I already read gay romance?
You can still enter the drawing for the gift card! All you have to do is refer a friend who's never read the genre. Just make sure they mention you in their comment, and you're all set.
Now, obviously there's no litmus test to see if you've really never read something in this genre. Honor system, folks.

The book giveaway ends on February 13th or when I run out of books, whichever comes later. The Amazon gift card will be drawn on February 14th, and entries for that close at midnight Central Time on February 13th.

  1. Titles are first come, first served. If there are no titles left, leave a comment with "No Titles Left", and I'll hook you up with an ebook off my backlist. 
  2. Comment must include a name and two title selections in order of preference, and preferably an e-mail address. (If you would prefer not to include your e-mail address, that's fine. Winners will be listed on a subsequent post, but please be aware you have 72 hours from the time that list is posted to contact me and claim your book, or another winner will be selected.)
  3. Winners will be posted on the blog and also contacted via e-mail if an address is included in the winning comment. Books must be claimed within 72 hours of the e-mail or blog post.
  4. All ebooks will be in pdf format unless otherwise specified. Other format types may be available upon request. 
  5. I like grapes.
  6. A small survey will accompany books, but this is 100% optional and there will be no "did you do my survery yet?" emails. A future blog post may happen as a result of surveys collected, and you will be given the option to be quoted anonymously. 
  7. Please do not copy or give away ebooks, as this is a form of piracy. 
  8. All commenters are entered in the drawing for the $25 Amazon gift card, which will be provided by me, L. A. Witt. 
  9. 18 or over only, please.
  10. Hateful, nasty, back-handed, homophobic, or otherwise trollish comments will be deleted. 
  11. Blog owner reserves the right to add new titles or remove unclaimed ones if more donations are received or an author elects to withdraw his/her donation.
  12. Giveaway is open to US and non-US residents.
  13. The book giveaway ends on February 13th or when I run out of books, whichever comes later. 
  14. The Amazon gift card will be drawn on February 14th, and entries for that close at midnight Central Time on February 13th. 


  1. Awww, I can't win anything because I already read m/m and I have no friends who don't read m/m. lose lose for me. :)

  2. Yes! I have a friend I have been trying to get to read MM for ages! She will totally enter if it gives her a chance at a GC! I'll be able to give book recommendations! ;)

  3. Yeah!! Open to non-US.....but I read m/m all the time :)and have unfortunately very narrow-minded friends who only read het-romance :( (not even those with a bit of kink either!)
    Super idea though!!


  4. This is a wonderful idea for those who have never experienced an M/M book. I, like togainunochi and Carole-Ann, read M/M and have no one to bring aboard which is unfortunate.

    taina1959 at yahoo dot com

  5. I love m/m books! I love your books. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  6. I read m/m books too, and like the some of the others, don't have anyone to bring to the contest.

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  7. Damn - already persuaded those friends inclined to read m/m to give it a try - and I'm pretty sure they've all read at least one book now. Fantastic idea though :)
    I'm busy looking forward to Lover at Last coming out - that's been a long wait!

  8. Darn it! Sounds like a great giveaway but unfortunately I love m/m and don't have any friends I can persuade to join me in my addiction. The few that were open to it are already avid readers of m/m like myself.