Friday, February 15, 2013

Update on The Giant "Try It, You Might Like It" Gay Romance Giveaway

Hello, folks! The giveaway was an AMAZING success, and thank you to everyone who entered, and those who tweeted and retweeted. You rock.

I will be posting all the winners (including the one for the Amazon gift card) before the weekend is up, and books will be sent shortly.  I've had a few setbacks thanks to an uptick in my workload and dealing with an impending root canal, so I'm running a little later than I expected, but it'll all be squared away before Sunday.

Also, there are a few titles left to claim, so if you haven't snagged a book, please do so! You won't be entered for the Amazon gift card, but you'll get a free book. And who doesn't like free books?

Anyway, I'll post the winners and send prizes ASAP. Thank you all again for being awesome!


  1. Thank you! How do I claim a title, please? Good luck with root canal. Arrrgh!

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

  2. To claim remaining titles, go to this post and put your first and second choices in a comment:

    Thanks! :D

  3. Im always happy to claim any left over books even though I already have one lol

  4. Ooh~~ If I still can I'd like to claim a title too!! If it's still open for the taking... lol. Thank you!


  5. I would like one too please?
    Thanks, chellebee66(at)gmail(dot)com