Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ridiculously Easy Contest - WINNERS!

There was a contest! And there are winners! HOORAY!

Winners have 72 hours to contact me at thethinker42 (at) gmail to claim their prizes.

Winner Selected at Random:

Sara Finch

You win... electronic copies of two (2) titles off my backlist. Your choice! This includes the newly re-released boxed set of the Cover Me trilogy.

Winner With the Best/Most Creative/Etc Answer:

G.B. Gordon

Because you answered this question:

If Zeus came back and decreed that for all eternity,
you could only read romances where one of the main characters
worked in a specific profession, what would that profession be?

With this:  

LEO. And if I ever wanted something else, I'd go tell Hera. 'Cause, seriously, fuck Zeus. ;)

You win... a signed paperback copy of your choice from my print backlist. (And if it's a Witt/Voinov book, I'll take it to the UK with me next week, have Aleks sign it, and mail it to you when I get back).

Congrats to the winners, and thanks for playing, everybody!

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