Sunday, September 14, 2014

FUNDRAISER: Help MYRNA with post-production, get a Kindle Fire HDX Tablet!

So... the pilot for this really awesome TV series, MYRNA, starring Marlo Bernier, is in post production, but they need help to get this baby wrapped!

What we've seen of it so far is amazing. (And dammit, a TV show with a transgender main character is long overdue.)

The FanBacked page is here. Though they've reached their goal, it doesn't take into consideration the cost of post production, so they're still collecting. They need an additional $10-15,000 to wrap things up, bringing the FanBacked total to roughly $45-50,000. And they're offering some cool incentives to those who contribute.

Since they need a big push right to get the pilot finished, I'm offering incentives too.  For those who donate between now and September 25, 2014, I will provide the following:

$15 -- Two ebooks of your choice from my backlist (includes co-authored titles)

$25 -- One signed paperback of your choice from my backlist.

$50 -- Two ebooks, one signed paperback, and a dedication in a future book.

$100 -- Five signed paperbacks, three ebooks, and a mention in a dedication of a future book.


The first TWO people who donate $500 or more will receive all the items listed above, PLUS a Kindle Fire HDX Tablet loaded with every ebook I currently have available in Kindle format.

UPDATE: Aleksandr Voinov has generously offered the following:

$5 donation - ebook copy of Return on Investment (no limit to the number of copies you can get!)

$50 - dedication in a future book (0 of 10 claimed)

And jointly, we'll offer the following:

$250 - We'll write a short story (~7,000 words) to your specs. (1 of 3 claimed)
$1,000 - We'll write a novella (~40K words) to your specs. (0 of 1 claimed)

Please see Aleks's blog for details on claiming his incentives, as well as restrictions regarding the stories we'll write.

Authors/Publishers: If you want to add any donations to the above incentives, please e-mail me!

How to claim incentives:
1. Make a donation through the FanBacked page.

2. E-mail me with proof of your donation (the confirmation e-mail from the page is fine).

3. Specify your preferred title(s) and file formats, as well as e-mail/postal addresses for shipping.

4. To qualify for the above incentives, donations must be made by midnight, US Central time, September 25, 2014, and must be claimed by September 30, 2014.

Go forth, my friends, and let's help get this show down the homestretch and across the finish line!

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  1. Is it just titles by you or does it apply to those you have co-written as well?