Saturday, November 28, 2015

2016 is Just Around the Corner - How Did That Happen?

Yet another year is whizzing by, and in a few days, it'll be December. Which means it's almost 2016. Holy Ned, am I right?

So, it's time for another "here's what's in the offing" post.

My SFF pen name Lori A. Witt and horror pen name Diana Fyre both have titles in the works for mid-late 2016, but those will be announced when they're more concrete.

Ann Gallagher will be expanding into Young Adult and asexual romances this year. There is another inspirational romance in the works as well, but those details will come later. Confirmed for mid-2016 from Riptide Publishing is the tentatively titled All The Wrong Places, an asexual romance set in Bluewater Bay.

As Lauren Gallagher, I'm making a few adjustments in 2016. Most notably, I probably won't be writing hetero romances anymore. If an idea comes along, I'll certainly run with it, but it has become clearer and clearer over the past year that my heart belongs to LGBT romances. So for all intents and purposes, I'm retiring from M/F romance, and as Lauren, focusing on lesbian and bisexual.

Lauren has two releases in the near future: 
  • December 14: Stuck Landing, Riptide Publishing (The first lesbian book in the Bluewater Bay series)
  • February 16: The Best Laid Plans, Samhain Publishing (Bisexual menage)

 As always, L.A. Witt is and will continue to be my busiest name. There are loads of projects in the works, both on my own and with various co-writers/collaborators, so for the most part, those will be announced as they come.

Here are L.A. Witt's confirmed releases for 2015-2016 (dates subject to change):
  • December 15: Not Safe For Work, Samhain Publishing (BDSM office romance)
  • January 3: If The Seas Catch Fire, self-published (Erotic suspense)
  • February 15: Broken Blades, co-written with Aleksandr Voinov, self-published (WWII romance)
  • April 12: To Live Again, Samhain Publishing (Wilde's series)
  • July: Hiatus, Samhain Publishing (Contemporary menage)

There are definitely more books in the works for all five of my names, so stay tuned!

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