Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's L.A. Witt's Birthday, so you get to win books!

Well, okay, not like my actual birthday, but close enough. November 30, 2009 was the day I released my first book as L.A. Witt.  I should've done something for the 5-year mark, but it completely slipped my mind last year because I have the attention span of a cracked out squirrel.

But I didn't forget this year!

So here's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna give away some signed paperbacks. To win, y'all are going to jump into the Thunderdome, grab some chainsaws and---

What? What do you mean there's no Thunderdome?

*sigh* Y'know, I'm really getting tired of all my cool stuff getting hung up in customs.


Okay, so with no Thunderdome, we're going to play a game of:

L.A. Witt Fact or Crap

The rules, they are simple:
I will say ten things. Two of those things are crap.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify the LIES I've told below, and call me out in the comment section.

A total of ten signed paperbacks, 
five ebooks, and two $25 Amazon gift cards.

So how the heck do you win? 
The first five commentators to get ONE answer correct will win an ebook of their choice from my backlist.
The first six commenters to get BOTH answers correct will win a signed paperback of their choice from my backlist. 

Out of everyone who gets BOTH answers correct, I will draw two winners who will receive TWO signed paperbacks of their choice plus a $25 Amazon gift card.

Contest closes on December 3rd at midnight GMT. Answers posted after that time will be disregarded.Additional rules are below.

Let the games begin!

(note a couple of revisions have been made because Facebook has some slightly inaccurate details - if you commented prior to the revisions, you may resubmit your answers, and your original submission time will be used) 
  1. Though my career started in 2009, I didn't attend a convention or meet any other authors until 2012 because I had been living overseas. (for clarification: I started writing full-time in 2008, was published in 2009 - this part of the fact is not crap)
  2. Many of my books are set in my hometown, Seattle, but I haven't lived there since 2003. (for clarification: I just realized Facebook says I lived in Redmond, WA, in 2014 - I was staying there temporarily while moving to Spain, and changed my location so friends/family knew I was in town.)
  3. Prior to becoming an author, I sold jewelry, worked as a pro photographer, ran a medical equipment repair shop, and edited porn.
  4. Wilde's, the club at heart of the Distance Between Us/Wilde's series, is based on a real night club in Seattle.
  5. The Distance Between Us, Rules of Engagement, and The Given & The Taken were meant to be standalones, but ended up with sequels. 
  6. With Aleksandr Voinov's permission and guidance, I am writing a sequel to his Dark Soul series.
  7. I have written two novels that contain no on-screen sex - The Left Hand of Calvus and Lead Me Not
  8. Link and Zelda, the quirky Maine Coon cats from the Bluewater Bay series, are based on my own cats, Midget and Fluffy.
  9. The first time I ever saw one of my books in a brick & mortar bookstore was at Foyle's in London, and the book was Covet Thy Neighbor.
  10. I've started doing my own cover art, and made the covers for Wireless and Broken Blades.
Well....which two "facts" are crap? Answer in the comments and win!


To qualify, your comment must include your name, an e-mail address, and your guesses. I will contact winners after the contest closes. You have 72 hours to reply, or prizes are forfeit.

Contest is not restricted to the US.

Paperbacks are subject to availability. Please note that if I don't have the book on hand, it has to be shipped to me in Spain, which can add a delay of 1-2 weeks.

Amazon gift card winners may opt for iTunes gift cards as a substitute.

Winners chosen by random draw will be drawn by the author. Winners chosen by order of posting will be chosen based on the order comments appear on the blog.


  1. Happy "birthday"!

    Misa Buckley
    2 and 4

  2. Happy Birthday :)
    I go for no. 3 & 9.

  3. 1. (According to your FB profile you started in 2008)
    2. (According to your FB profile again)

    Happy Publishing Anniversary!

    1. Pooh, look squirrels!

      I forgot to put my name. Lori Powell

    2. I made some slight revisions above because FB apparently has some slightly inaccurate information. >.< Sorry about that!

    3. Thanks for the update. My answers are now 8 & 10

  4. Happy Birthday for the day of release of your first 'L.A Witt' Book! Time's flown! :D
    I'm terrible at fact or fiction games but I think I'll go with...

    1 & 9

    Liz Marshall :)

  5. 2 and 4
    Andreea Dumitru (Aimee Brissay)

  6. 6 & 10?


    Oorjanie at yahoo dot com

    Thanks for chance!!!!

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  8. I'll guess 3 and 10.

    Happy anniversary/birthday!
    Inez Garcia

  9. Okay...this was hard I'm going to say 5 & 9 and I'm questioning them both but mostly 9 because I remember you posting a picture of you with one of your books at a bookshop in London but I just can't believe that you really hadn't ever seen one of your books in a store until 2013 when that book came out. But no matter, congrats for all the years of awesomeness!

  10. I tried posting from my phone but I don't think it worked? I pick 6 and 9.

    Michelle Springer
    Michelle.springer at

  11. Ok this was hard lol but oh so fun!

    6 & 9

  12. Okay the craps are 5 and 8!
    OceanAkers @

  13. Happy Birthday

    6 and 9

  14. Happy BIrthday

    2 and 9

  15. I'm going 8 & 5


  16. Happy happy Birthday!

    9 & 10


  17. Happy birthday, my guesses:

    8 & 9

    Jack Reyes.

  18. pff that was hard I go with 9 and 10

    dani elle Maas

  19. pff that was hard I go with 9 and 10

    dani elle Maas

  20. 1 and 2 happy b day


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  23. I'm going to say 6 & 9. Congrats on the milestone!


  24. Avonna Campbell
    8 & 9
    Congrats on the anniversary!

  25. Avonna Campbell
    8 & 9
    Congrats on the anniversary!

  26. 4 and 8 are crap. Wild guesses.

    1. You're one of the winners! Just need your e-mail address! ;)