Monday, August 12, 2013

Another "OMG Where Is 2013 Going??" Update...

I have been the worst blogger ever this year. Good lord. You don't have to guess what's on top of my 2014 New Year's resolutions. And who in the world does New Year's resolutions in August? Well, people like me who seem to be stuck in a weird time warp where we go to bed and wake up six weeks later. This year is definitely getting away from me, but 2014 will not. It will not, I say!

Anyway. This is going to be another one of those posts where I try to summarize everything that's gone on since last I meaningfully blogged, and give a prediction of what will happen in the next few months. There's usually a fruitless promise in there somewhere about lessening my workload, but I'll spare you that one this time. We all know it's not going to happen. Though I have been making a point of spending more time with that guy living in my house with a gold ring on his left hand, so I am deliberately spending less time in my office. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

Moving on. What has gone on since I last blogged?  The short answer is that I traveled. I flew back to London at the beginning of July, and spent three and a half weeks gallivanting around England, Poland, and Germany with Aleksandr Voinov. We attended the LGBT UK Meet-up in Manchester, and if you have the chance to attend next year's in Bristol, you totally should. It was gobs of fun.

Then we alternated between playing Laptop Battleship (tm), checking out various and sundry historical locations for research, and trying not to evaporate in the most ungodly heat wave ever. Word to the wise: never get a second degree sunburn. They suck.

And what the hell is Laptop Battleship (tm) anyway?  Basically, it's when Aleks and I write together in person, as opposed to online.  Well, okay, we're online too, but we're actually in the same room. We set up in a library, coffee shop, or the living room of someone who has air-conditioning and left their front door unlocked a train. We log into Google Docs, and commence writing as we normally do: Aleks writes a few paragraphs, then I write a few, and we go back and forth for a few hours. With out laptops sitting back to back and both of us staring intently at the screens, it looks a lot like we're playing the classic game Battleship.

Upon my return to the U.S., I did what I always do: jumped back into working. Deadlines ahoy, y'all. And edits. Good times.  And of course, spending time with my horse, my cats, and my husband, all of whom felt sorely neglected by my absence. I also got caught up on Candy Crush. Don't judge me.

Speaking of books, let's talk...uh...books.  Two of them were released while I was in Europe. Of course I posted about Unhinge the Universe, but I neglected to pimp out my erotic sci fi novel, Wireless, which is now available from Loose Id, LLC:

And after almost four years of being published, I still get a little giddy over cover art. Okay, a lot giddy. Especially when that cover art looks like this:

I know, right? NOM NOM NOM NAVY SEALS. The Only One Who Knows will be available from Samhain Publishing in early 2014. The sequel, The Only One Who Matters, will follow close after that. What else will Cat Grant and I have to offer next year? Oh, just wait. ;)

And speaking of covers, this one kind of blew my mind. I wrote the article a few months back, but totally didn't expect to see it mentioned on the cover:

Then of course, there are two releases this month. Both next week, actually.

Capture & Surrender is the fifth book -- but first novel -- of the Market Garden series, and will be available from Riptide Publishing on the 19th (sooner if you pre-order!). Yes, that is a paintball mask on the cover.

Meet Me in the Middle follows The Distance Between Us and The Closer You Get. Dale, Rhett's smartass friend, finally gets his own story. Samhain Publishing will release this one on the 20th.

Oh! And a lot of people have asked if A Chip In His Shoulder or Something New Under the Sun would ever find their way into paperback, and the answer is YES.  Behold: Falling Sky - The Complete Collection:
Now you too can have Liam and Daniel in your hot little hands.

So what's next?

Well, as always: a lot of things. I'm currently working on another World War II book with Aleks. Cat and I have a little something in the works. Tucker Springs #7 is in-progress.  Lauren Gallagher will actually have a couple of titles out in 2014, which is good since she's been a damned slacker this year.

I'll also be re-releasing some titles that have gone out of print. Some will be self-published, some will be released through various publishers. If you're looking for a particular title and have been unable to find it, let me know, and I can give you a rough estimate for its re-release.

And finally, I'll be showing my face in public a couple more times this year. This month, I will be at Toledo Pride, likely making a fool of myself. In October, I'll be at GayRomLit in Atlanta, and you can see what I look like just days after I've been to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert. Prediction: hoarse, a little bruised, and in giddy fangirl mode. Especially since Cat and I are going to two shows within 24 hours. Why? Pfft. It's 30 Seconds to Mars. That's all the reason anyone needs.

That pretty much sums everything up. 2014 is promising to be a good year, with several releases already booked for the first few months. And yes, I will blog more in 2014. Maybe even in 2013, but no promises...

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  1. Books, books, and more books. OMG. I'm going on a buying spree as soon as I can. Forget about other authors. Are you coming to Virginia Beach/Norfolk? I hope so. Would love to meet you in person.
    Have a wonderful day! Cathye C