Saturday, August 20, 2011


Book #3 of the Changing Plans series, On The List, is now available from Amber Allure. Additional links to come. (Also available: books #1 and #2 -- Getting off the Ground and Infinity Pools)

(Contains SPOILERS for books #1 and #2!)

In spite of swearing up and down he’s a bachelor forever, Derek Windsor is ready to settle down with Elliott Chandler. After a long distance relationship and a few months of wedding planning, it all comes down to this weekend: a wedding on the Washington coast, then they can start their life together on Maui.

But with the ceremony just days away, Derek’s family drops the bomb: they aren’t coming. They refuse to support or be a part of his marriage to another man. All his life, he’s ached for his parents’ approval, and their last-minute wedding snub leaves him reeling. Though he doesn’t question his love for Elliott, can Derek still go through with a wedding that could irreparably sever his relationship with his family?


  1. Happy release day to you! :)

  2. I have read this book and absolutely loved the end to Elliott & Derek's story. Congrats on the release, Lori!